More wonderful freebies!

There are so many amazing illustrators out there, giving beautiful coloring pages for us to download during these home-staying times. I have posted about many of these before, in my Instagram Stories, but here they are again, if you have missed them!

Rita Berman have Done some Amazing spring-pictures That is free to download. I Have finally ordered New ink to our printer, so soon I can print them! (But no!one can color her pages like she does, just look at these colors, from her latest Instagram-post! 😍)

This cutie is a gift from Julia Spiri (free until April 30th). Read more about where to download it in her Instagram-post!

Karolina Kubikowska drew this uplifting picture for us to download and fill with color!

Leone van den Heever have Done This wonderful picture, that is also a free download. Just remember to tag the illustrators when you upload a picture you have colored, so they get same credit! This picture you can find of you follow the link in Leone’s Instagram-bio (link under the picture below).

This beautiful drawing, by Bianca State (@crayoniverse), is offered as a free download on her webpage:

Illustrator Bonnie Shaw have some very cute freebies in her Facebook-group ”In love with life”.

Tatiana Stolova (Bogema) is always making sooo cute pictures, and This one is a free download, that you can find on her Facebook-page.

And This gorgeous peacock is a freebie from Masja van den Berg!

If you want to color This page, it’s also a color along in April, on Instagram, hosted by Evi (@e.m.c.p):

You can find three pictures forcerar, by the illustrator Lalá González, on SerEsencia’s webpage:

Grazia Salvo (@creatureincantate) is spreading love and hope, with her latest freebie. You can find it in her Facebook-group (scroll down on her page).

Olga Goloveshkina (@olyahitrayapanda) Have some cute free pages on her webpage:

I love the swedish illustrator Kajsa Wallin’s art, but I didn’t know she made coloring pages. But now she has! Three free pages for adults and kids that are stuck at home right Now, and want something creative to do:

These are just some of all freebies right now: the ones that caught my eye. I know that Belinda (@color_with_faithfulgirl1978) Have done a lot of postes in here Facebook-group, so there you can find even more!

Another uplifting thing is Johanna Basford’s drawing-livestreams lately, on Facebook!

My life right Now: working from home, still need more rest than normal (both because my cold since weeks ago, but also because of inside stress and worry about everything going on in the world right now). I feel extra introvert… I can color a little every day, but cooking and reading is more distracting and fun at the moment. I am re-reading an old favorite: Memory, Sorrow and Thorne, by Tad Williams (it have taken me through stressful times in the past aswell).

I still Have not had energy for the podcast. I still Have not Done anything on my Youtube-Channel…. But hopefully I Will be able to stream in two weeks, when Vicky (@coloringwithvicky) is hosting an event on Youtube! The plan is that I Will stream both Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th. Go read more about ”Woodland Wonders Coloring Special” and all the other channels involved, on Vicky’s Instagram!

This is What I am coloring right now; an old WIP in Rita Berman’s Die welt unter der lupe – Zu Lande:


Comforting coloring in Corona times

We are all affected by what is happening around the world right now, with this new virus. As it is such new virus, there is still a lot of answers we don´t have, but it´s hard to not feel scared and anxious (at least for me), about the future right now. I think that we all need something comforting and well-known and calming right now, and for me that is coloring (of course). I don´t have much energy for big coloring projects right now, but I have my coloring books close to me, in my sofa, so I can color a little every day. That helps me to calm down, especially before going to bed (when I try to NOT check for news on my phone or the TV).


The coloring community have always been a happy place for me, and I´m so glad to see that people are taking care of each other a bit extra these days. I wish I had the energy to livestream, doing a lot of Podcast-episodes, and hosting color alongs on Instagram right now, but I hardly manage to keep the energy up for my ”ordinary life”, so that have to wait until I feel a bit better.

BUT I want to spread some of the love, and ”togetherness” that is coming our way in the community right now. Here are som great initiatives right now!

Many of our beloved illustrators have offered us freebies right now (I wish my printer worked!)

Johanna Basford has 20 (!) beautiful pictures for download right now! She writes on her page: ”Being creative is so good for our mental health and now more than ever, we need a few little tricks to help us through these difficult days.” Click on the picture of the Fairy house to go to Johanna´s page, where you find all of her freebies!


Millie Marotta writes this in her latest post on Instagram: ”Hello friends, in these strange and uncertain times it’s all too easy for worry and anxiety to creep in and grab a firm hold. Doing something creative can have wonderfully positive effects on your mental health, helping to ease those anxieties. For that reason, I’ve gathered together a whole bunch of colouring pages from my books, available for you and anyone you know, to download for free.”

Molly Harrison has posted this wonderful picture, from Mystical Fantasy Coloring Book. as a free download in her Facebook-group (scroll down on her page to find it, link to her group if you click the picture below!)

Image may contain: drawing

Susan Carlson (@rubycharmcolors) also offers us a free picture to download right now, and writes this on Instagram: ”I’ve got a free gift for anyone who needs (or knows someone who needs) something creative and positive to focus on during these frustrating and uncertain times.


Another cute freebie from @romi_lerda_art (Click the link in her Instagram-bio to find the picture!):

More freebies for us, kindly offered by @nadiiadesign (Link to the free pages in her Instagram bio!)

Heather Valentines @colourofloveart is also giving away a free coloring page right now. Go and read her post on Instagram for mor information!

And Sammie (@colourandchatwithsammie) has two really great iniatives right now, for the coloring community, as we all can need cosy distractions right now. One is coloring challenges we all are invited to do, between april 2020 and april 2021 (!) One is a Coloring Community Movie night (starting with Jurassic Park). Sammie will reveal more information about this event soon!

If you miss my podcast: I did an interview for my podcast many weeks ago, and I am slowly editing it, so hopefully I will be able to upload it soon.

Take care, and keep spreading love (and calmness), we all need that more than ever!


A magical coloring Advent calendar!

This December I bring you a wonderful gift FROM the coloring community – TO the community – a Magical Coloring Calender– so you can color your way through December!

I asked some of your favorite artists, and some people I have talked to in my podcast, so I knew they could draw, and they have filled this calendar with their magic. And so many people wanted to join, that I decided to do a calendar for all of December, instead of just to Christmas. AND you will even get some extra special bonus pictures in the end of page three of the calendar!

You can download the calendar under this post (there is one version as A4 and one US-version in letter size), for free, as all of the illustrators have joined for free (yes, amazing, I know!!!). Some of the pictures you might have seen earlier, in their coloring books, others are special made for this calendar. All are super cute, if you ask me, and I can´t wait to color one picture every day in December. My plan is to livestream on Instagram as many days as I can, and I might do some videos on Youtube.

This is also my color along on Instagram in December, so don´t forget to use the hashtagg #magicaladventcoloring when you post your pictures from this Calendar!

I am soooo happy that so many illustrators liked this idea, and wanted to join. I have been the organizer, but I couldn´t have done it without all these amazing artists! And I couldn´t have done it without the help from Laura Rafferty (@lauracolorstoo), because she volunteered to help me with the layout, and she has put a LOT of work into this calendar the last couple of weeks, so thank you Laura! And thank you Adri for your help, to get in contact with Klara Markova, the calendar wouldn´t have been the same without her two cuties. Thank you also to Claire Holoway, for helping me get in contact with Dea Lenihan, so she could join aswell (and there´s also going to be a podcast episode with her soon!) And of course: Thank you my Streamer Dreamer-team (you know who you are), for all feed-back during the process, it have helped a lot!

The Advent Calendar (A4 version)

The Advent Calendar (US version)

Here is my Youtube video about the calendar:

There is also an episode of my podcast about this calendar, with some Christmas talk with Johanna Basford, Dea Lenihan and Kim White + a bit about Lora´s cute kitty Cam, who is the raw model for Betty Hung´s cat in the Calendar. But this is an Patron-exclusive episode for $4 and higher. You can also be my Patron if you want to, here:


Bring out your crayons!

I don´t think I have ever liked crayons, not even as a child. I always prefered felt tip pens, with those bright, vivid, colors. But of course I must have been using crayons as a kid, even if I can´t remember it, and I still have a box with cheap ones, that just lays unloved, in a drawer. I would never have thought I could use them in the coloring books, until Laura Rafferty did a video on her Youtube-channel, where she did a fantastic coloring with just crayons!


And here you can see how she did it:

May Brox also did a fantastic coloring, with crayons, on her channel recently:

I still have not tried my own crayons, but I think I have to do it someday, even if I´m sure my result will not be this good… And I have seen that she has inspired some people already (check out the #crayolacrayonschallenge on Instagram).

Laura wanted to show that it´s not the tools that makes the art, it´s the artist (but as I´m not totally convinced I´ve just ordered another set of pencils 😉

Anyhow, I found some more inspiration for you, if you want to give your crayons a try.

Look at the fantastic masterpieces that Don Marco has done with just children´s crayons:

And here is a cool tips, if you want the crayon-pages to look almost like if they had been colored with markers:

In this video you can see the artist Lena Danya, drawing an realistic Eye with crayons:

Here you can see Jennifer Stay, from Coloring Bliss on Youtube, trying out crayons, and different ways of blending them (I definately have to try petroleum jelly!)

And here is Coloring Queen doing a beautiful mandala with crayons:

I have no idea if you can use this heat-technique in the coloring books, but maybe I have to try, because it looks so cool!

And because I love to color Galaxies, I am happy to see that you can make Beautiful Galaxies with crayons aswell:

So bring out the inner Child in you, and start using your cheap crayons again!



Martina´s background school, step 5-7

Here Martina Brisegård continues her great tutorial of how she did this beautiful background in Magical Jungle, with colored pencils.

(Here you can find step 1-4 of the tutorial, if you missed it!)

Step 5: Should you color from light to dark or from dark to light?

It’s up to you!

I have tried both, for me dark to light is easier for some reason. You need to try and see what works for you.

Soft, light layers are a must when beginning, simply because it’s easier to erase and/or color over.

See where you are going first, find where the transitions should be, then go in a little harder.

In general most parts of the background should be covered with at least three shades.

Yes it will take a while and you will need time and patience!!!

Use sharp pencils, for several reasons, not just light layers.

It’s easier to get into all the little spaces between details.

You will be able to fill the little grains in the paper, the tooth of the paper, better if you have a smaller and pointier tip.

And as I have said backgrounds are not difficult they just take time, practice and patience.

If you lack a bit with that last one, I will give you this advice, write down and/or photograph the pencils you are using and in which order. And make a note when you put the page you are working on away. Otherwise you might make a bit of a mess of things when you begin again with the wrong shade….

I encourage taking breaks, work on some details on another page a while, make a cup of tea, take a walk. When I color a background I tend to want to quit at least three times, then again I do that when I color endless amounts of leaves as well 😂

Here are a few more helpful tips that I discovered as I began to color the next little lesson. Even little videoclips!!! 😮

Line up all the pencils you are going to use in order, this will make things alot easier.

It’s a good thing to take a picture of them or write down which ones you use.

When I have finished with one color I move them to the other side of an object, just to keep track of where I am. Because when you work on a background it will take time and you will need a break now and again.

If you are coloring with Polychromos or another brand of pencils that can be erased rather easily one of these erasers are invaluble!!!

Your Kladdpapper can be used in several ways, as a guideline to judge how far down a color should go. So you color equally far down on both sides.

Or to rest your hand upon so you don’t smudge parts that you have already colored. Especially if you tend to do like me and turn your book around now and then.

I filmed a bit here, because I discovered something. I got a question about which way the strokes should go. In big areas and especially in the first layer of a color I tend to just swish my pencil lightly back and forth.

Note how far back my grip is on the pencil and the angle of the pencil against the paper.

But when coloring in smaller spaces and when I need to be more precise in later layers, I color in small circles, just to avoid leaving any strokes.

Take pictures of your progress it’s an excellent way to see if you have missed a spot somewhere or if your coloring is uneven.

But at an early stage like this it doesn’t really matter.

Step 6: Step 6 – Polychromos or a similar pencil.

Okay let’s get to it!

You have now picked a good page to begin with, have decided which pencils and colors to use and you have practiced light layers and pencil angles and you have a ”kladdpapper” right? 😁

Otherwise go back to Step 1-5

This will be the first layer of colors, it took me about three hours in two sittings. I don’t know if I’m fast or slow, but I thought it could be helpful for you to know.

I actually began at the bottom with the lightest yellow color, because that is the way some people say you should do it. But….then I just did it the way I usually do instead.

At least with Polychromos.

It is because I find it easier to know where to end with a color than where to begin if that makes sense? Also because I know that I tend to use the lightest color over a very large area, blending the darker colors together. So to me it makes more sense to begin with the darkest that only covers a little area. But you need to find your own way.

Be a bit careful how far back you fade in a color if your selection of colors span over all primary colors, for example like me, from purple to pink to orange and then yellow.

Since purple has blue in it and warm pink (salmon) and orange have yellow tones. Blue + yellow = green. It might make a mess of things.

Since more colors are involved in between it might just look a bit dirty or muddy.

Because mixing all the three primary colors (red + yellow + blue) will create a brown/grey color.

You probably remember that from when you where a kid playing with water colors. The water you dipped your brush in eventually became brown right?

But that is a side note.

So, let us begin!

These are my colors of choice this time, I like to play with several different shades, makes it less boring when you can switch colors often.

Inspiration? One part, the sun setting outside my window, I had to add the yellow/orange at the bottom (behind the trees)

Like I said I began the way you are supposed to, but then I changed my mind. It is a good idea thou, to consider how big sections each color group should have. Yellowbased up to the branch, pinkbased around the birds, purple on top.

So then I took my darkest color and began softly at the top, you can always go back and add more color, it’s harder to remove it so go easy at first.

About this far for now.

Coloring with the next pencil in order, all the way from the top, over the first pencil and fade out at the bottom.

Third pencil, yes all the way from the top and then a bit further down than the previous one. Don’t worry if it’s a little uneven at this stage, we will fix that during Step 7

When the color begins to shift into the next, this one is slightly more pink than purple, leave a centimeter or two at the top, basically where you colored with the furst pencil.

Now I softly colored a bigger section with this next color, I recommend to begin in the middle and fade up over the other colors but stopping where the colors begin to shift too much and fade down as far as looks good to you.

The same thing here, but with this pencil I colored a little harder out in the edges and softer around the birds, that is to create a bit of a horizon bend of the light.

Moving further down. And here is where I took a break and actually continued the next day.

This next color is my last true pink, the next tone will have more yellow in it. So it will cover a large area, from over the birds heads down to the branch and you will be tempted to stop at the branch (or something else dividing your picture) but don’t! Add a little bit below the branch to bind the areas together.

Sometimes it’s easier to see and to get into certain areas if you flip your book around.

Soft, light layers, in a circular motion, look at the little videoclip in Step 5 if you don’t know what I mean.

So this pencil covered an area from where the pencil is to right below the branch.

Now here is another pencil change where you need to be careful. Oh and do you see what I see???

I have missed a spot!!!

There now this pencil only covered 3-4 centimeters right above and below the branch.

The yellow and orange tones are quite colorful so it’s really important to have a light touch.

See what I mean??? You can easily see where the new color is added, and the goal in this type of background is no visable edges…so be careful.

Right now you can clearly see the orange edge above the branch, it will blend in later thou.

Only two pencils left, or one actually since I have already used the lightest one. So this one goes up just above the branch and then down almost to the bottom. At the last 1-2 centimetres there will only be one shade.

Even a soft layer makes a big differenc

And then I adjusted the bottom by adding a little more of the lightest yellow.

Step 7: And we are here Step 7 yay!!!!

Right now it’s sweltering HOT in Sweden so coloring in the shade is just about the only activity you can do without turning into a little puddle of sweat. Had to take breaks now and then so from the second picture to the last it took 4 hours.

Anyways, now we have done our base layer of colors and can move on to covering the little gaps and creating deeper colors.

Here you can adjust the width of the different colors, sometimes even leaving a color or two out of the mix.

I had some trouble with the transition from purple to pink, I blame the heat!!!

Next time I think I will do a background with Prismas, since that technique is a little different, at least the way I use them. But first I need a break…and a dip in the pool 😉

So this is where we left off in step 6!

Now use the same small circle technique and you can even have the same light pressure. Reverse your cicles now and again thou.

Begin at the top and adjust how far down you will go. I chose to add a little more of thd darkest purple this time.

This is also a way to keep track of which pencil to use next.

Begin up where you still see little white spots and color softly down and fade out.

Don’t forget the little spots to the sides. Here I adjusted them slightly and made them a bit darker.

So color from here where the paper shows thru…

…down to about here where the colors shift.

Like that. And use your trusty Kladdpapper as a line referens and protection of the picture under your hand.

Working your way down over the page.

See, a light soft layer makes a rather big difference!

After this Middle purple pink I was a little indecisive so instead of picking the next pink color I skipped down to the more salmoncolored one.

And worked my way up from the branch instead. And slightly below it. This is because I didn’t want to risk mixing cold pink with the warm and strong orange.

Then I went back and filled the gap between with the remaining two pink colors. Working from the bottom up.

So I guess this just was a judgement call, you will get the hang of it and find your own little tricks.

So now the top part is done!

Below the branch I skipped the orange pencil all together, feeling that one layer was just enough. Added a bit more of the darker yellow.

Martina’s background school, step 1-4

My coloring friend Martina Brisegård recently published such amazing tutorial, on how to do a beautiful background with colored pencils, in Johanna Basford Your pages Facebook-group. I know that this is something that many people are scared of trying, and I know that many people have questions about backgrounds. So I asked Martina if I could publish her tut0rial here aswell, and she kindly said yes.

Martina’s background, in Magical Jungle:


Step 1: Pick the right page for you and form a plan.

Step 2: Someone asked if it mattered which pencils they used. I have done a little test and it doesn’t really matter, but it is easier with Polys or Prismas and the more expensive pencils have stronger pigments and a bit deeper color.

I would advice you to find a range of at least six shades. My test is done with eight colors, because the more shades of the same color the smoother it will look.

But I also did it with four and two, just to show what I mean.

Find a white sheet of paper and play around with the pencils you have and try to find which ones work best for you.Test them like I have tested mine.

Look at the first picture, the left column is not blended at all, in the right column I have shaded the colors into eachother. That is the look we are going for.

When you know which set to use, try to find the right shades for your picture.

Looking at the names of the pencils might help. With Polychromos there is an advantage there are whole series of colors with a common name. For example: in the yellow/orange section there is Cadmium, in the blue/green section there is Phthalo etc.

Ergosoft, Crayola, Polychromos, Luminance and Prismacolor Premier.

Eight shades between light yellow and deep red. (Seven in the case of Luminance because there isn’t a dark red shade that fit in.)

Lightly color with the light red from the bottom up. Go softly in the beginning, it’s always easier to add a bit more than to try to remove it. Especially if you color with Prismas.

Now add a soft layer of orange and try not to leave any straight edges.

Go in a little harder with the yellow. Don’t be afraid of blending with the lightest shade down over several of the darker.

And finally go back up with the darkest shade, smoothing out the edges.

Can you do it with just four or two shades??? Well…yes sort of, but not with the same results…

Trying to blend two shades that are pretty far away from eachother will be harder and will take alot of work.

Make it easier on yourself and pick at least six shades, if nothing else it’s less boring coloring a background when you can change color a little more often. And you don’t wear out your pencils so fast 😉

I did this quick little test with just four colors here. Just to show the gist of it.

The lightest yellow, a medium orange, the lightest red and the deepest red.

Prismacolor premier

Step 3: (that perhaps should have been added before step 2) Step 3

A question from a few followers, How to pick the right colors?

Well there are several ways:

– Look for inspiration color charts, there are such albums here in the group or maybe on instagram or pintrest.

– Use a color wheel, you can buy one on Amazon.

Shades that lie next to eachother in a color wheel are easy to blend. Yellow-orange-red, red-purple-blue, blue-green-yellow etc.

– Find a photo with a lovely background, maybe a sunset, and use a color finding app to pick out the right pencils. I sometimes use one called Colored Pencil Picker.

– Ask for some elses combination, I mean any good combination of colors can be used on a background, just your imagination that sets the limit.

Or my own personal favorite:

-Trial and error. I’m going to teach you a Swedish word, because I can’t find the right one in English ”kladdpapper” I’ll show you what that looks like below.

Have you found your colors yet?

Kladdpapper – a sheet of paper that you test your colorcombos on. This one is new and rather well organized, usually it’s alot messier 😉

Gather all your pencils in one color, I picked pink this time, arrange them from light to dark as good as you can. Color a little with each and then cross out and remove the pencils that looks most out of place.

Do that until you have your selection.

See if you can blend them together.

I ended up with these four this time. Can be used to color a flower, a curtain or a background.

Trying to find a color to bind the light red violet to the delft blue.

Is there one color that can do that job?

Not really but two or three might do it. But actually the crimson pencil looks better at the end….

And the two top most colors where rather similar. So I play around and eventually end up with colors that I like. There is no right or wrong.

And your kladdpapper will just become more colorful. 😊

Colored Pencil Picker, but there are other such apps out there, just find one that works for you.

Step 4: This one is short and a bit similar to Step two, I even borrowed the same pencils, but you can use colors of your choice if you like. You can even use an ordinary lead pencil to practice with.

What you need to practice is how to fade in and out the different colors. Look at picture #3

This will help with everything you color, not just backgrounds. I rarely use blenders, I prefer to use one of the lighter colors to seal the gaps so to speak.

The trick is to color in a way so that you can’t really tell exactly where one shade ends and another begins. This takes a light hand, practice and most of all patience.

Begin simple with just a little column of the colors you have chosen. Then practice on a little bigger area.

If you struggle with coloring too hard then I have a few tips:

– Sharpen your pencils, a pointy lead breaks more easily and therefor you are forced to apply less pressure.

– Angle your pen more and don’t hold on to it so close to the point. The further back you hold the softer your touch will be.

To color the column on the right, I have basically done this, just in one column and not eight.

Move back your grip on the pencil, angle it more and use a sharp point for a lighter layer.

Go to step 5-7 here!



Maybe you already know everything about this Hanna Karlzon Community-Project, but if not, you can read this text!

The idea came from Becci (Becciz color escape). She wanted to do something big, that involved a lot of people in the coloring Community. For fun, and for getting closer together.

Here is the stream when she revealed the Project:

Her idea is, that we together, as community, finish Hanna Karlzon´s five first books (not including her latest book, Soulmates, that many people have not been able to buy yet), during june and july. It´s like a ”sending-a-book-around”-thing, but instead of sending a physical copy of the books around, people are now going to color a page in their own copy of the book/books, and when they are finished with their page, they send a photo of it to the host, who puts together a video with all the finished Pictures in the end.

I think this is a better way, even if i LOVE ”sending-a-book-around”-projects (I have been part of four different sending-around-books earlier, but unfortunately ALL of them ended up in disaster after a while…..)

Becci involved four other Youtube-channels in this Project, and we are hosting one book each. Becci herself hosts Summernights. I host Seasons coloring book, on my Passionistacolorista Youtube-channel, Skyee (Dream in Color) hosts Daydreams,  Honor (Honor your Crafts) hosts Magical Dawn and Sammie (Colour & chat with Sammie) hosts Jewelry box

We all let our subscribers pick pages, during our streams this weekend, so right now all of the books are filled. BUT if you have one, ore more, of the books, and didn´t get a page, you can sign up to our back-up-list! Because if someone tells us that they will not be able to finish their page in time (deadline 28 July), we will need to get in touch with someone else who can do that page, maybe on short notice (but if you are on the list, and get a question to do a page, you always have the right to say no).

Here is the great BACK-UP-LIST, that Sammie did, just click the link and write in your name.

IF you already have got a page, in any of the books, please email the host, when your page is finished, so we can put together all pages! (It can be good to email us right away, so we know how to get in contact with you, during this Project!) And if you post WIP:s or finished pictures on social media, please tagg them #theHK5project so we can find them, and follow the process!

And when you take a photo of your finished picture, take the picture from above, in good light! Or try one of the scanner-apps that exists (I have personally not tried them, but apperantly they´re great at lining up the picture right!)

Becci @becciz_color_escape
YT –…
Book – Summer nights

Sammie – @colourandchatwithsammie
YT –
Book – The Jewelry Box

Honor – @honoryourcrafts19
YT –…
Book – Magical Dawn

Skyee @dream._in._color
YT –…
Book – Daydreams

Isabell @passionistacolorista
YT –…
Book – Seasons

If you want to hear more about Becci, and the idea behind this Project, you can listen to my latest podcast-episode:

Personally I have two pages, right now, in this Project. The first winter-page in Seasons (it´s been a WIP for a long time, so I really want to finish it…) and this girl/bird-page in Daydreams.

winterpage        bird