How to color rain, drops and fog

There are so many wonderful color alongs on Instagram, in October. I´m going to do my monthly post, about all color alongs I know about, on Instagram, tomorrow!

(I´m taking a break from hosting color alongs in October, but I will be back with a cosy tea/coffe-cup color along in November.)

One of the color alongs in October is the #dripdropalong, hosted by my friend Marie, and I´m a little bit involved in that one.

You can read about this color along on her Instagram-page (@mjaurimakes), but it´s about coloring rain, drops and fog, in any coloring book, and I promised to post some inspiration, and share some links, here on my blog.



Dear Katrine (RIP), @alwayscoloring, made this fantastic coloring for my #thefrogalong, on Instagram last year, and she made such great rainy background! There is no video on Youtube on exactly this background, but here she shows how it is done, but with different colors:

Here is one way of making rain, with a layer of charcoal, and prismacolor pencils:

This is rain made with a ordinary pencil, but I think it can be done with colored pencils too:

This is a fast way to add a rainy feeling to your page:


In this video Chris Cheng is doing beautiful raindrops on a flower:

And here she has another video, on how to do a raindrop, with colored pencils:

Here is a video of making raindrops with colored pencils in different colors:

Krystyna Nowak, known as @ojkipopart on Instagram and Youtube, has done an amazing coloring in Hanna Karlzon´s Daydreams coloring book, where she added fog.


We are talking about this picture, in my podcast, episode 17, and this fog. She told me that she did the fog for making the page look dreamy and magical, and that it takes a LOT of different colors to create a good fog. You can´t just use greys, she said, because it will not look good. Fog has other colors in it too, like yellow and green.

Here is the episode, if you´ve missed it! We are talking about the fog at 23:20.

Interview with @ojkipopart

And here you can see her color this fog, on Youtube:

I´m a bit tempted to try this out, although it seems quite advanced. I think it seems more easy to use white acrylic paint, or white gouche, and color a thin layer over the picture, where you want the mist to be. In this video, Katrine makes clouds in this way:

Here you can se Tim Gagnon color simple clouds with acrylic paint, and it could be fog aswell, if you don´t do all the steps:

And last, a video I really enjoyed watching, although I´m not sure if it can help me doing fog in a coloring book, but it inspired me! It´s LethalChris Drawing who showes how he draws a misty forest-landscape with pencils.

I was inspired by these videos, I hope you found some inspiration too! I have not choosed picture yet, but I will do that soon. I look forward to see your WIP:s and finished pictures on Instagram, even if it´s not me hosting this color along!


Författare: Passionistacolorista

I´m a hobby-colorista from Sweden, with a big passion for adult coloring books. It started as a way to feel better when I was sick two years but now I just addicted and wants to color every day, although I´m feeling better. Colors makes me so, so happy! I have two coloring book podcasts: Passionistacolorista and Målarbokspodden. And I also have a youtubechannel, called Passionistacolorista, where I do some livestreams.


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