Black posca versus black acrylic paint

I think a lot of my coloring friends have heard me say this: ”You can always cover it with black Posca!”. It has been my back-up-plan for experimental backgrounds for a long time.

But actually I don´t think it´s that easy to do black backgrounds with Poscapen. I know this is how a lot of people, in the coloring community, makes black backgrounds, but there is a lot of other ways too (as you can read more about on my Instagram, here: Black backgrounds in coloring books ).

Lately I´ve started to do my black backgrounds with a mix of Poscapen and acrylic paint, and I think the result, for me, is better than before, but not perfect.


This weekend I´ve made three black backgrounds in Seasons coloring book, with this method.

First I´ve used a small, black, Poscapen, around the picture, and all small details, like this:

Then I´ve used acrylic paint (matt), and a acrylic paint brush, to cover the rest of the background, like this:


My coloring friend, Pernilla, says that she only needs one layer of acrylic paint, for her backgrounds, but I needed to do two layers, before it covered enough.


Acrylic paint:
– A much more fast way to do black backgrounds, than with Posca.
– Cheaper than Poscapens (you can not use the same pen for a lot of big backgrounds before it runs out).
– Makes a more even background, than poscapens.
– Don´t bleed through.

– A easy way to add black close to the picture, without getting black on the wrong side of the lines.
– Because it´s acrylic paint, in the pens, it covers really well, and you get a really black, matt, background.
– Don´t bleed through.
– The pens can be more easy to handle, than a brush.
– You vill just need one layer, for good coverage. (You can do two layers, but it´s not super-easy, and the surface looks a bit different than with just one layer).


Acrylic paint:
– It is difficult to use it around the picture, and small details. I guess you can do it, if you have a steady hand, and a small brush, but I cannot do it.
– It needs two layers before it covers enough (at least the acrylic paint I bought).
– It can be a bit messy, and my paint went over the edges, to the other side, and the other spread, like this:


– It can be difficult to get a perfect amount of colour coming from the pens: You need to shake them often (with the cap on), and press the tip on a paper, until you get perfect flow. And you need to repeat this, often!
– Because of this, the backgrounds easily don´t get as even as you want to, like this:

– You will need different sizes of the pens, one smaller, to use close to the picture, and around small details, and a bigger, for better coverage on big areas, which costs a bit of money.
– The tip can be a bit strange after a while, it´s like it has been worn out, and can drop some fluff into the picture. You can still use the pen, and you can just take the fluff away with your finger, but it doesn´t glide over the paper as good as before this happened.

So right now I´m mixing these two; the pens and the acrylic paint. But as I already said: It´s not perfect either. The posca and the acrylig paint doesn´t look exactly the same on the paper, so you can see where the posca ends, and the acrylic paint begins. At least my acrylic paint, is not exactly the same black as the Posca.


What do you use for black backgrounds?

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