My christmas calender and links to free christmas-pictures!

This time of year, we are a lot of people who likes to color pictures with a christmas-feeling in. I have not started my christmas-pictures yet, but at least I´m coloring some pages with winter-theme, in Botanicum, by Maria Trolle.

After that I have plans to color in my new winter-book by Molly Harrison, in Johanna’s christmas by Johanna Basford, and in Seasons coloring book by Hanna Karlzon.

And of course, I will color on this christmas calender, from Rita Berman’s ”Mein spaziergang durch Die jahrezeite” (originaly it’s in her ”Mein winter spaziergang”)

I am doing this as a color along on youtube, where I pick a note from a tin, Every day until christmas (24 days), and Some of my followers helped me to come up with creative challenges, that I wrote on the notes, and put in this tin.

The first challenge (day 1) was to color the picture with skin Tones. The second challenge (today) was to color the picture with just brown and white.

If you want to join, you can do it with whatever picture you want, from Any coloring book, if you can find a picture with 24 different parts/details.

Here is my youtubechannel, where I do a video/stream Every day, where I pick tjat days challenge. I will also do a post in my Instagram stories. And if you join, and post pictures on Instagram, you can use the hashtag #24christmaschallenge


I have so many Wonderful pictures in my books, but there are also so many wonderful Seasonal freebies right Now, from great illustrators.

On Hanna Karlzon’s Facebook-page you can download this beauty:

Rita Berman has made three beautiful christmas-pages, for free download:

Krystyna, @ojkipopart, has made this georgeous christmas-girl. It is in her F-group, but you can read about it on Instagram:

Laura Rafferty is giving away two pictures in her FB-group, and having a color along with the pictures. More info on her Instagram-page:

This cute christmas calender, can be found on Instagram , at @hattifant’s page (scroll down quite far):

This cute gingerbread house is also a freebie, made by @foxdesignden

Edwina Mc Namee, has four christmas downloads:

And this is coloring pages, with text and bible verses, is made by Dena Douglas Hobbs and Jennifer Tucker:

Happy coloring!

Hugs Isabell

Författare: Passionistacolorista

I´m a hobby-colorista from Sweden, with a big passion for adult coloring books. It started as a way to feel better when I was sick two years but now I just addicted and wants to color every day, although I´m feeling better. Colors makes me so, so happy! I have two coloring book podcasts: Passionistacolorista and Målarbokspodden. And I also have a youtubechannel, called Passionistacolorista, where I do some livestreams.


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