Valentines- and cat-freebies!

I know that Pinterest is filled with beautiful pictures, and lineart, but you can’t always be sure the illustrator actually want the picture to be out there, for free.

Luckily, a lot of illustrators are very generous with offering freebies from time to time. Mostly you will find their freebies on their webpages or on Instagram or on their pages on Facebook.

I have seen that a lot of illustrators have done special pictures for Valentine’s day right now! Most of them are for sale, but some are free, and in this post I will tell you about the freebies I know about at the moment!

And because I’m hosting a cat color along on Instagram in February (#cozycatalong) I will also show you some cat-freebies I’ve found, that you can use, if you want to join my color along, but don’t find any cat in your books.

Maybe you have seen this picture before? It’s a freebie from Masja van den Berg, that also is a color along on Instagram, so I have seen so many beautiful versions already! My printer is not working at the moment, so I just admire these pictures from a distance right now, but if you have a printer that actually work, you can find the freebie on Masja’s webpage:

This is a Valentines- (and cat!) freebie from Jen Katz (@katzundtatz), that you can find a link to on her Instagram-page.

This heart, made by Johanna Basford, for Enchanted forest, is still available as freebie on her webpage!

This one you can find on Mariola Budek’s Facebookpage, just scroll down a bit! (It was when I tried to print this cutie, my printer gave up 😢)

This is a New freebie from the illustrator of the new coloring book Mysteria; Anastasia Elly Koldareva. You can find this, and her other freebies, on her webpage.

The illustrator Edwina Mc Namee is generous with freebies, for example this one. You will find them all on her Facebookpage.

Another very generous illustrator is Konstantinos Liaramantzas, who has a lot of freebies on his Facebook-page, more than one with cats!

And today I saw this on Instagram! It’s a page drawn by Bianca State (@crayoniverse) , and offered as a freebie! You can find it here.

And last, a freebie from the illustrator Mardel Rubio, that you can find on his Facebook-page. If you want to color this picture now in February, you actually can join a color along on Instagram, hosted by Andreia Dionisio (@and_dionisio)

And remember to always give cred to the illustrator when you are uploading your WIP:s and finished pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

And if you wonder how to do to join an Instagram color along, I have done a tuturial on youtube:

Happy coloring!


Författare: Passionistacolorista

I´m a hobby-colorista from Sweden, with a big passion for adult coloring books. It started as a way to feel better when I was sick two years but now I just addicted and wants to color every day, although I´m feeling better. Colors makes me so, so happy! I have two coloring book podcasts: Passionistacolorista and Målarbokspodden. And I also have a youtubechannel, called Passionistacolorista, where I do some livestreams.


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