Maybe you already know everything about this Hanna Karlzon Community-Project, but if not, you can read this text!

The idea came from Becci (Becciz color escape). She wanted to do something big, that involved a lot of people in the coloring Community. For fun, and for getting closer together.

Here is the stream when she revealed the Project:

Her idea is, that we together, as community, finish Hanna Karlzon´s five first books (not including her latest book, Soulmates, that many people have not been able to buy yet), during june and july. It´s like a ”sending-a-book-around”-thing, but instead of sending a physical copy of the books around, people are now going to color a page in their own copy of the book/books, and when they are finished with their page, they send a photo of it to the host, who puts together a video with all the finished Pictures in the end.

I think this is a better way, even if i LOVE ”sending-a-book-around”-projects (I have been part of four different sending-around-books earlier, but unfortunately ALL of them ended up in disaster after a while…..)

Becci involved four other Youtube-channels in this Project, and we are hosting one book each. Becci herself hosts Summernights. I host Seasons coloring book, on my Passionistacolorista Youtube-channel, Skyee (Dream in Color) hosts Daydreams,  Honor (Honor your Crafts) hosts Magical Dawn and Sammie (Colour & chat with Sammie) hosts Jewelry box

We all let our subscribers pick pages, during our streams this weekend, so right now all of the books are filled. BUT if you have one, ore more, of the books, and didn´t get a page, you can sign up to our back-up-list! Because if someone tells us that they will not be able to finish their page in time (deadline 28 July), we will need to get in touch with someone else who can do that page, maybe on short notice (but if you are on the list, and get a question to do a page, you always have the right to say no).

Here is the great BACK-UP-LIST, that Sammie did, just click the link and write in your name. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fe41GUkfyHhv6rPa4fMcefxlPd3GrSVgN_VHETaFY-M/edit

IF you already have got a page, in any of the books, please email the host, when your page is finished, so we can put together all pages! (It can be good to email us right away, so we know how to get in contact with you, during this Project!) And if you post WIP:s or finished pictures on social media, please tagg them #theHK5project so we can find them, and follow the process!

And when you take a photo of your finished picture, take the picture from above, in good light! Or try one of the scanner-apps that exists (I have personally not tried them, but apperantly they´re great at lining up the picture right!)

Becci @becciz_color_escape
YT – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbg…
Book – Summer nights
EMAIL:  becciz.color.escape@gmail.com

Sammie – @colourandchatwithsammie
YT –  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSammiejw
Book – The Jewelry Box
EMAIL:  colourandchatwithsammie@outlook.com

Honor – @honoryourcrafts19
YT – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ4o…
Book – Magical Dawn
EMAIL: honoryourcrafts30@gmail.com

Skyee @dream._in._color
YT – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKVr…
Book – Daydreams
EMAIL:   kiss.me.goodbyee@gmail.com

Isabell @passionistacolorista
YT – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtXl…
Book – Seasons
EMAIL:  Isabell.vestermark@gmail.com

If you want to hear more about Becci, and the idea behind this Project, you can listen to my latest podcast-episode:


Personally I have two pages, right now, in this Project. The first winter-page in Seasons (it´s been a WIP for a long time, so I really want to finish it…) and this girl/bird-page in Daydreams.

winterpage        bird

Författare: Passionistacolorista

I´m a hobby-colorista from Sweden, with a big passion for adult coloring books. It started as a way to feel better when I was sick two years but now I just addicted and wants to color every day, although I´m feeling better. Colors makes me so, so happy! I have two coloring book podcasts: Passionistacolorista and Målarbokspodden. And I also have a youtubechannel, called Passionistacolorista, where I do some livestreams.


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