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Name: Bex Harris

Age: 48

Family: Husband Matt, 2 teenage boys, Jared and Lucas and 2 fur babies, King (Rotti boy) and Babbie (Staffy girl) 

Lives in: Perth, Western Australia

Started to color in coloring books: As a kid and never really stopped! Found Adult colouring books in 2017

First coloring book: first adult colouring book – Secret Garden by JB

First pencils/pens: Markers – Triplus fineliners

Favourite coloring books: so many! Whatever I am colouring in at the time…

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos and triplus fineliners

I color because….: its my creative time, my relaxation, my meditation….

Other interests: gym, running around after 2 teenage boys

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…:  in the car

My favourite episode so far: JB – she is SUCH a gorgeous person and so down to earth


Name: Reka @rekacolour Kaptens 

Age: 40

Family: Husband and stepdaughter

Lives in: Sweden

Started to color in coloring books: August 17th 2015

First coloring book: Secret Garden

First pencils/pens: 24 set of Inktense that I was using dry until I joined a colouring group on Facebook and learned how to use them properly

Favourite coloring books: Sagor och Sägner, Inky Ivy

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos

I color because…: it’s both therapeutic, fun and challenging!

Other interests: Photography and roadtrips

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: Driving! A perfect antidote to road rage

My favourite episode so far: The ones with Maria Trolle and Emelie Lidehäll Öberg as they introduce us to their magical worlds.




Name: Mara Rusu, @maracamellia

Age: 30

Family: mother, boyfriend, cousin, cousin-in-law, nephew, aunts and uncle.

Lives in: London, UK

Started to color in coloring books: 2015

First coloring book: Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

First pencils/pens: my old pencils I used when I was a child, most of them a Romanian brand called Policolor from the communist era. That Christmas my mother gifted me a pack of Faber-Castell classic and Staedler Triplus Fineliners.

Favourite coloring books: Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marotta, Lost Ocean and World of Flowers by Johanna Basford, Mein Herbst Spaziergang by Rita Berman.

Favourite pencils/pens: I am still liking the Faber-Castell classics and slowly building up my collection of better quality pencils. I have enjoyed using my limited number of Polychromos. I recently bought the full set of Derwent Procolour pencils, but I have not tested them out yet, maybe they will be a new favourite. 

I color because: In 2014 I moved back to Romania to write my PhD thesis. After the submission and viva later that year and failing to get a job I really wanted in Finland I became depressed. In 2015 I spotted Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom at a book fair in my home town and was extremely happy. Throughout 2015-2016 my depression got worse and I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Colouring has helped me relax and quiet down the negative thoughts I had about myself. I still love colouring and I hope to indulge in this hobby more often. I am a scientist and I work with a lot of grey images, the feeling of putting pencil to paper is amazing and the colours wonderful… it is a nice dichotomy. 

Other interests: I am a gamer and I love video games, science and biology were my first passions, cooking, sustainability and travelling.

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: analysing data at work. I also listen during my morning bus commute to work.

My favourite episode so far: I loved the episode with Peta Hewitt, I watched her videos so many times! The episode when you were being interviewed was also very fun!



Name: Matilda Furness

Age: 40

Family: my parents, sister and nephew. My colouring sisters ❤

Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden

Started to color in coloring books: October 2014. Almost 4 years!

First coloring book: Secret Garden

First pencils/pens: Faber Castell classic

Favourite coloring books: Lena Furbergs horse folders, Maria Trolles books, Moonlit Vale by Annie Stegg, Zemlja Snova by Tomislav Tomic, Forest Girl by Aeppol.. I could count ten more I guess!!

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos and Carandache Pablo

I color because….: I haven’t stopped since I started. I love art and colours and always have! Because I love colouring, to see it grow with colours, the calmness and joy it gives, and the fun and friends in the community it gives. I admin three groups, Blomstermandala Colouring Club, dedicated to Maria Trolle. Colouring Fantasy and Fairytales, dedicated to all kind of fantasy colouring, my biggest and funniest nerdiest group hehe. And Colouring Magical Horses, dedicated to Lena Furberg. The love and creativity I get from my members are so important to me, it gives me so much ❤❤❤

Other interests: Dancing swing and blues, reading, singing, playing the piano sometimes.. used to knit and crochet before I started colouring. Still have a unfinished babyblanket as I haven’t crocheted a thing since then 😂😂

I have colored this: (Send me a picture you are happy with and write something about it)

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: Colouring!! It helps me to colour at home 😊😊

My favourite episode so far: with Lena Furberg and Maria Trolle I think, because they seem so lovely and I love their art. And the ones about creativity. And myself 😂😂😂 ( Because it’s funny) fascinating to listen to my own voice. I love them all! Would love to listen to you interviewing my friends out in the world.



Name: Deborah (I go by Debbie) Schneider

Age:  Just turned 57

Family: My husband of 37 years and 3 grown children, 2 daughter-laws and 1 adorable grand-daughter and my sweet dog Maxwell

Lives in: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Started  coloring: as a child but started adult coloring books about 3 years ago but started to do it much more regularly about 1 year ago.

My first coloring book: Secret Garden

First pencils/pens: Prismacolors and Staedler fineliners

Favourite coloring books: Johanna Basford – I have every one of them

Favourite pencils: I now own a full set of Faber Castel Polychromos pencils so I would say I love both my Prismas and Polychromos equally – I use both sets all the time and I love my sparkle gel pens and I just bought Posca pens which I also love.

I color because: it helps me relax as I have a lot of anxiety.  Coloring allows my mind to focus on my coloring and it gives me so much joy to add color to a page and see how beautiful it can look.

Other interests: I love to be out in nature and go for walks and also snowshoeing in the winter months.  I enjoy cooking and baking and just crafts in general.

I listen to the podcasts: when I am coloring and when I cook and sometimes when I clean house too.  I can listen to them more than once as I enjoy them so very much and I learn so much from the artists.

My favourite episode: that is a difficult question as I love them all but I would have to say my favorite one was the readingwithpugs one as I enjoyed listening to Jen and then at the end it was such a surprise to hear my name mentioned – thank you – it was so nice that you did that.  I also really enjoyed the Johanna Basford one and the Claire Holoway one too.  They are all so great though.

My favorite coloring so far: would have to be the sunflower one from Secret Garden postcards and I am currently working on another Secret Garden postcard which I think will be another favorite.

I do not have that many finished pictures yet so not too many to choose from.  I still work part-time and look after my granddaughter a lot so I don’t have lots of time yet to spend on coloring but it is a huge passion – I love it so much and want to do it all the time!  I think about it all the time too – lol!


Name: Lora King

Age: 59

: married 32 yrs, 3 children   (son 23, daughter 21, son 19),  3 Shihtzus (Little, Forrest, Lilo), all rescue,  2 cats (Yoko Ono & Cameron)

Lives in: Atlanta GA  USA

Started to color in coloring books:  July 2017

First coloring book: Found 2 small coloring books, Mein Sommer Spaziergang  & Mein  Fruhlings Spaziergang, by Rita Berman, while visiting in Heidelberg, Germany ….the rest is history 😍

First pencils/pens:  Polychromos

Favourite coloring books: No fav, several artists I enjoy,  Susan Carlson (RubyCharmColors), Jen Katz, Lizzie Mary Cullen, Dea Lenihan to name a few.  I have all the popular artists book (Basford, Markova, Karlzon……)  Confession, I”m an art supply addict so I have loads of pencils and books.

Favourite pencils/pens:  Holbein

I color because….:  I enjoy watching color come alive on pictures.  I used to do needlework for years and it was the same thing, color developing by my hand on paper is so soothing and satisfying for my creative side.

Other interests:  I draw zentangles/zendoodles, I always have a book to read, and I’m a huge Duke University basketball fan, I also travel a lot to Europe (my bff is Dutch)  and NYC where my daughter is attending NYU

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: gardening, driving, cooking

My favourite episode so far:  Honestly I’ve loved every episode.  I can’t pick a favorite child 😂 I’ve been listening to podcasts for several years (before Serial made them popular) and who would have thought a podcast talking to colorists would be so wonderful to listen to!!  But it is!!

Susan and her family!

Name: Susan DeVincenzo

Age:  62…old enough to be most of my coloring buddies Mother!

Family: I have two grown sons…one is married and expecting his first child in April 2019.  So excited for my first grandchild.  I live with my wonderful boyfriend Luis who is from Colombia.

Lives in: I live in two places since my Publishing job is based in New York City.  In the US I have a home in Delaware and an apartment in New Jersey.

Started to color in coloring books: My son and his lovely wife gave me my first book and a small set of pencils in 2016.  I started coloring but didn’t have a lot of time so I lost interest.  Last year I was on disability due to foot surgery and couldn’t walk for over two months.  So I picked the book back up again and the rest is history.  I haven’t stopped since and now own about 75 books (could be more…I really need to count them!) and 13 sets of assorted pencils, watercolor pencils and crayons.

First coloring book: Secret Garden by Johanna Basford

First pencils/pens: The first set I purchased after watching a livestream of Katrine was of course FC Polychromos….they are still one of my favorites.

Favourite coloring books: Any book by the wonderful Swedish artists….Maria Trolle, Emelie Lidehall Oberg, and Hanna Karlzon.  BUT….there are so many more!

Favourite pencils/pens:  Definitely Caran D’ache Pablos!

I color because….: it helps me to unwind from the stress and chronic pain many of us go through. I have always been artistic since I was a child….I used to draw on my mother’s tablecloths…she let me!  I studied Art in College but with working, marriage and raising children I haven’t been able to explore that side of myself again until now. I try to color everyday.  I pack a coloring bag every Sunday so I can have my supplies with me to color during the week. That way I am able to finish one page a week most of the time.

Other interests: I also enjoy cooking and baking….check out my posts at Christmas of my cookies. I make about a thousand cookies at Christmas for which my friends and family are truly appreciative.

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m: I really enjoy listening while I am working.  I find your voice so soothing dear Isabell so it helps me to get through some difficult days.

My favourite episode so far:  Definitely Episode #21 We Miss You So Much Katrine with Alexander….I was so moved by this interview.  Laughing, crying and heartbreak.  Katrine is a very big part of the reason I color.  When I was home on disability I had time to watch her livestreams and I was hooked completely.  If she liked a book I liked it too.  If she recommended a pencil or art tool…I bought it.  She is missed.

Name: Anita (my_world_of_colors_77 on instagram)

Age: 41

Family: I live with my husband and my 2 cats. And 2 dwarf lop bunnies.

Lives in: The Netherlands

Started to color in coloring books: I bought my first book and coloring pencils in 2016 but because of a accident I had to wait with coloring and I started September 2018

First coloring book: Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle

First pencils/pens: Fabercastell Polychromos

Favourite coloring books: At this moment I would say my colorbooks from Johanna Basford, Hannah Karlzon, Maria Trolle,Rita Berman and Kerby Rosanes.

All very different but beautiful and different to pick one…

Favourite pencils/pens: My Fabercastell Polychromos & Prismacolor

I color becaus: It makes me relaxed and it helps me during the day to try to focus at something else because of my pain.

( I’m chronically ill and I had a accident and broke my back a few years ago since then my nerves are blocked in my lower back)

Unfortunately I can’t sit very long.

But the time I can color makes me very happy.

Other interests: Watching movies. Traveling and I love to take pictures ( nature,animals,landscape and macro).

I love to read books and If I can I spend a lot of time in my patio I love my flowers and plants. It’s also the home of my 2 dwarf lop bunnies and a lot of birds 😊

And I love to cook or make pie,bread etc

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m: Coloring or when I lie in bed during my afternoon because I’m chronically ill. And it makes me relaxed and very happy.

My favourite episode so far: Sorry everyone but my favourite episode is with Johanna Basford. But there is a reason for that…

She’s very special to me when they told me I would probably not walk and sit again or only with help. I thought about her coloring book that I had bought but did not get the chance to color. And I promised myself that I would do everything to be able to walk and sit again so I could start coloring.

A year ago I couldn’t walk or sit… and now I walk again without help and I can finally color 😊



NameElin Wallgren , elinwallgren83 on instagram

Age: 35

Family: Mother and one brother, younger by one year

Lives in: Rimbo, 5 miles north of Stockholm

Started to color in coloring books: in january 2015

First coloring book: i bought two at once: Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest

First pencils/pens: some cheap no name pencils

Favourite coloring books: Sagor and Sägner

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos, Caran d’Ache Luminance and Holbein.

I color because….: it makes me less stressed and lets me be creative with colour.

Other interests: Reading, crocheting, scrapbooking (card making), traveling

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…:  colouring or on a long bus ride

My favourite episode so far: Johanna Basford

From Sagor och Sägner


Name: Marie Gyll

Age: 40

Family: husband and two children, one turns 5 in januari 2019 and the other one turns 3 in december 2018

Lives in: Härnösand, Sweden

Started to color in coloring books: i don’t remember exactly but my earliest picture of a coloring is from April 2016, so I’d say around then. I got a postcard coloring book by my sister that Christmas so it’s probably thanks to her I started.

First coloring book: Postcard book Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford and postcard book Vinterdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon

First pencils/pens: Art Grip aquarelle

Favourite coloring books: almost all I own probably but especially Smyckeskrinet, Tidevarv And Sagor och sägner lately. (But all by Hanna Karlzon and also Fairytales by Emelie Lidehäll Öberg)

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos and my newest love neocolor2 (and a white posca!😉)

I color because: It makes me happy and it’s something i do just for me.

Other interests: baking, ”drawing”, reading, watching/being in and photographing nature.

My favourite episode so far:
I love all of them but if I most chose one I think the one with Sherri (pipssqueak) because she seems so special and wonderful and also because I got an extra part just for me when she looked at and commented on my colorings (it was both very nice to hear and also very interesting with someone unknowns opinions about some of my coloring).

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m:
mostly when coloring but sometimes also when walking to/from work and when adulting as in cooking or emptying/filling the dishwasher…

I have colored this: “Well now King Beetle and his Royal Ant Guards can work in peace with the magic gems and crystals in the Enchanted Moss Forest.” Picture from Tidevarv by Hanna Karlzon colored with Polychromos, white Luminance and a Clear Star Gelly Roll. I’m really pleased with this picture, I tried some new techniques (making sunrays with an eraser and the rainbow gems done with white luminance and polychromos for example) and I think it has an overall harmony colorwise that I’m often aiming for but rarely feel I achieve in my colorings.

From Seasons coloring book



Name: Dawn Fehr (Instagram name: bcsmithereens)

Age:  55 (56 on the 27th)

Family: 1 Husband of 33 years (34 on Jun 28th), 1 adult Son, his Partner, 1 adult Daughter, her Husband… and in August… my First Grandchild (a baby boy)

Lives inSmithers, British Columbia  Canada

Started to color in coloring books: 2014

First coloring book: “Color Me Happy” by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter

First pencils/pens: Laurentien Pencil Crayons, Staedlter Wood Colored Pencils

Favourite coloring books: “Color Me Crazy” by Peter Deligdisch (aka Peter Draws), “Mandala Meditation Coloring Book” published by Sterling Ethos, “Johanna’s Christmas” by Johanna Basford, Masja’s Mandelas by Masja van den Berg

Favourite pencils/pens: Gel Pens were my first love! … but, I may or may not have indulged in a bit of over-shopping lately, have recently ordered some to try out … Faber-Castel Pitt Pens, Derwent Inktense 72 (just arrived today), Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 (arrive tomorrow), Koh-I-Noor Jumbo Magic 24 and  Holbein Artists Pastels 50 (not here yet).

I color because….: It keeps my mind from negative thinking… and it looks pretty!

Other interests: My 2 cats: Miss MY and Bailey, my aquarium friends

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…:  Colouring or wanting to relax

My favourite episode so far: The Interview of Isabell!



Name (or change it to Instagram-name:) Natalia: a ton of colors

Age: 41

Family: Husband, 9 years old twin girls. I have been married since 2002 (15 years) and my twin girls are my favorite thing in the world….

Lives in: Medellín,Colombia

Started to color in coloring books: 2016

First coloring book: The time chamber by Daria Song (I still love Daria Songs books but I find the quality in my books a little poor, and to me is a no no). 

First pencils/pens: Prismacolor premier

Favourite coloring books: Hanna Karlzon, and Maria Trolle

Favourite pencils/pens: Fabercastell Polychromos

I color because….: It’s a great way to relax and one of the best self care routines for me. Coloring for me  is a way to do something meaningful, to create, to get inspired.

Other interests: road cycling and exercicing (swiming, hikking), traveling and cooking. I am also enjoying coloring with watercolor pencils and I love drawing mandalas, painting watercolor galaxies and mixing both of them…

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: in my indoor bike trainer

My favourite episode so far: I love the one with Johanna Basford but my favorite is Isabell’s interview!!



Name: Maria Hansson – Colouringblunder @instagram

Age: 33

Family: Mom, dad, 2 younger brothers and 2 English toy spaniels

Lives in: Öckerö, Sweden

Started to color in coloring books: May 2017

First coloring book: A cheap book with lots of patterns, after that it was Mille Marotta’s Animal Kingdom and Johanna Basfords Enchanted forest

First pencils/pens: Fineliners, after that Polychromos

Favourite coloring books: Any from Hanna Karlzon, Botanicum from Maria Trolle, Klara Markova’s Tenderful enchantments and Kerby Rosanes Mythomorphia. 

Favourite pencils/pens: Polychromos or Pablos

I color because….: It makes me feel good and I can just get lost in the moment without worrying about other stuff that otherwise makes my anxiety level rise. It’s amazing to have a creative outlet 🙂

Other interests: Writing

I´m listening to the podcast when I´m…: coloring or on the go

My favourite episode so far: The interview with the person who makes this pod possible of course :)) Who doesn’t love the interview with Isabell! 

From Soulmates, by Hanna Karlzon.